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Thank you for coming to look at our SEO marketing package options for your online business.

WE would prefer to custom build you a package for your SEO needs. Please watch the video for a great reason as to why we think it is important.

If you watched the video, you will know that we highly suggest that you get a detailed video analysis for your business and your online properties done – to give your business the best possible chance of dominating your service or products exposure online.

But at the same time, we also realize that our marketing will have reached a very varied market, and you might be here looking for a specific SEO related service for an exact task.

Please go down this page to look at the core SEO services and package options that we do offer.


Quality Leads Prove Your Marketing Works

The specific area where we shine with our specific marketing skills

The research and analysis area.

We cover extensive keyword research and can compile all that into an extremely detailed marketing plan, both short term and long term.

Website Design and Build (We normally call this a Lead Gen Site)

WE are talking about a stunning, MARKETING website here. This is the ability to create a no BS site that gives client prospects exactly what they want when they search for your product or services. It must look good, navigate well and give a constant flood of call-to-action points.

Local Search and GMB Marketing (Google My Business)

The 3 pack, as the GMB local search has become know as, it becoming more and more competitive as business owners realize that they need to use professionals to get the best rankings for their business online.

Ongoing Content Creation and link Building

This is the most neglected area in online marketing because it is the most tedious. However when done right will slowly build your business up to the most powerful authority platform online that will leave your competition floundering in your wake. Do it consistently, do it properly, do it to a plan.

Google will LOVE your business.

The Main SEO Related Sections That Your Packages Will Cover

AS you can see from the list below your online marketing and SEO might need to be very active in a specific area and less so in another.

For example, if you supply drill bits to businesses you are unlikely to need huge amounts of images posted daily on Pinterest are you?

However, that same drill bit manufacturer will need to rank highly for each and every drill bit type and grouping available. That will take a content strategy and both internal and external backlinking plan for the business to rank to the best of their ability.

Easy to do, but it is that sort of expertise that we bring to the table with our extensive marketing and SEO experience.

These are our core SEO and marketing grouping or categories that we target for you if necessary.

  1. Research and analysis
  2. Core Website design
  3. Lead Generation Website Design
  4. GMB – Google My Business (Local Search Marketing)
  5. Local Search Marketing
  6. Social media set up
  7. Social media Marketing
  8. Authority Stacking (both Google Sites and RSS style)
  9. Press Releases
  10. Content creation and marketing
  11. Video Marketing
  12. Link Building

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