Lead Generation is SIMPLE

All you need to do to get the maximum amount of leads for your business is to know the following things…

Know where your perfect client or prospect hangs out.

Know what keywords (Buyer Keywords) that those prospects are looking up online.

Know where and how to put the exact answers that they are looking for when they search in the results pages that you get served in front of those buyers.

IE – Find out what your potential clients want and give it to them.

Yeah!, So I might have made it sound a little simple, but it leaves you with one small problem. Your opposition is trying to do exactly the same thing as you are.

They are also adding keyword orientated pages and content aimed at attracting buyers, and my job is to make sure that they see your offers first.

Look at this image here next to you here – It is very important

This is a basic guide that we use when doing an in-depth analysis of a client’s business potential.

We do not do research in half measures.

With your cooperation, we look as deeply into all the possible permutations that are available for your product or service.

We look at the current state of your online properties and then do research into the maximum potential of your core products.

Then (if you ask us to do so) we look at off-shoot products that could be added or replaced within your business that will increase your businesses profitability.

Our research analysis alone is broken up into 4 areas.

When we do a free video analysis for your business, we do occasionally do the entire overall research within a 30-minute video, but when we do the full-Monty it can cover everything up to 2 hours of research for your business.

When we move on to doing proposals and quotations we like to believe that we have covered everything for you in as detailed a manner as possible. The quality of our research is what you will base your future marketing on, and we take that as seriously as you do.

Knowing and understanding all the potential online marketing permutations and possibilities is what will take your business to the maximum levels it can achieve online.

Proposals and Marketing Solutions

We are in fact a very small agency and do not wish to have multiple levels of managers and marketing teams. To be very honest we trust that the work on your site will need to done correctly and for that reason, we keep our client numbers low.

This means that there will not be that many clients that will get to the level of proposals and quoted marketing solutions.

It is how we like to do business.

With that statement out of the way, I would like to say that we love looking into the best options that can be deployed and applied to a lead generation problem with a carefully planned marketing solution.

Budgets and Online Marketing

We get that sometimes your budget will not cover our proposals and need to point out a very important fact. Google does not like to see a massive dump of marketing done to a single web property at a time. This level of marketing is recognized by Google as a slow buildup of content, links, properties and a series of actions that need to look and behave in a very normal manner for your rankings to be the best they can be. The good news for you is your overall package can be spread over a few months.

There is always bad news. If you are looking for a short term instant flood of work for an instant rocketing up the rankings, then we will probably not be a good fit.

This is a process that needs to be done right, with planning and patience. WE are your best prospect for that job – Find out how to get the ball rolling by contacting us right now.

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Lead generation is at the core of every successful business.

We will happily do a free video assessment of your online properties to see potential lead generation improvement areas.

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