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Info Graphics and Backlinks

Back links from the right places are hard to come by. Traditionally people used to use guest posts and supplied quality content to an authority website to get a post and a back link. This is becoming harder and harder to get so we looked at the problem and have a solution.

The trend towards doing an infographic became very strong, but because an infographic can be copied over to any other site, a lot of authority sites were avoiding them.

Introducing Guestographics.

Here we too a custom infographic and added decent content and that made it attractive to the authority site to accept the content and give you a backlink.

How to get your own Guestographic

There are 2 ways we can help you…

If you need a custom done Guestographic for yourself – you are able to order one from us.

Or, you could get one from us for free if you use it on your (appropriate) site and link to us.

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