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Long story short

When you combine our online marketing experience you get 16 years of full-time skills.

Between the two of us, we have built over 200 websites, we have started numerous personal income streams and have been advising small business owners on their online marketing and social media marketing needs for all that time.

We created The LeadStream Company as a platform to showcase what we had been doing all along anyway.

This way, you will now be able to find what we have been doing for awhile now on one single website.

Both Chris and Rob work from home offices in the Sandton and Randburg area in South Africa and bring a simple work ethic to the business. Personal attention is what is the most important factor with every client. With that in mind, we do need to add that we will limit some of our offers and packages.

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Our Work

We start at analysis, we do relevant research, we build web properties, we do under-the-hood SEO things, we combine local search with organic search, we target your buyer market all in the quest to get every single buyer lead from the internet connected with your business.

Look, we are a small exclusive personal service agency that is very up to date with media and online marketing. Engage with us.

Our Team


We are an extremely experienced team. With personal attention to each client, we bring a service to the small business world that makes it safe to trust that “SEO” is being done in a safe and white-hat manner.

We limit the number of clients to the agency to ensure that each client gets a carefully monitored marketing package applied to their exact needs.

Robert Bruce Anderson

Robert Bruce Anderson


Rob Anderson

Co-founder of The Lead Stream Company

Self employed for his entire life, with 8 years of online marketing and over 200 websites built as the core foundation for the skills being brought to the table.

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson


Chris Anderson

Co-founder of The Lead Stream Company

With a business degree and over 10 years of business experience, Chris brings a fresh and qualified set of skills into the company.

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Lead Generation is the core of every successful business.

We will happily do a free video assessment of your online properties to see potential lead generation improvement areas.

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Please note that we are a small personal service company.