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Some of the details we will look into for you when doing the video analysis

Your Website



Site Structure

Mobile Friendly



Your Social Media

Existing sites?

New ones needed?

How active are they?

Are they targeted?

Are they optimized?

Web 2.0 Properties?

Your Products

Core product keyword volume

Parallel product keywords

Courses or other options

Local search details

Growth potential

Video marketing

Your GMB Listing

Listing claimed?


Images correctly done?

Maps – my maps

Google properties

Blended algorithm

Why we do it

Simply put – it is what we know well, and what we do every day for ourselves and our clients – BUT, the truth is, for the rush from watching brand building, full media marketing working as it should. For your business.

The internet is so fast paced, so prone to daily change and adaptation that you as a business owner should never be expected to try to stay up to date with all the newest algorithm changes and new marketing methods that are needed to keep your business in the very front of the lead generation queue.

We are here to do all that for your business.

Reason one

Knowing how to combine our skills with your services and products and getting it all set up onto Google in such a way that your phone keep ringing is what inspires us.

Reason two

But we also do it because we love it, and really do know how to do it well.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

We have also been in a traditional business. We know that no matter how brilliant your product or service is if your marketing is crap – you lose. The power that our skills can bring to your bottom line is a motivating factor in our work like no other.

Our Work

We start at analysis, we do relevant research, we build web properties, we do under-the-hood SEO things, we combine local search with organic search, we target your buyer market all in the quest to get every single buyer lead from the internet connected with your business.

Look, we are a small exclusive personal service agency that is very up to date with media and online marketing. Engage with us.

3 + 15 =

Lead Generation is the core of every successful business.

We will happily do a free video assessment of your online properties to see potential lead generation improvement areas.

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Please note that we are a small personal service company.